Fireflies Meme – A Look At The History And Meaning Of The Owl City Memes + Lyric

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The Owl City fireflies meme has been a hot topic for a pretty interesting reason lately. A meaning of a lyric of the song has finally been clarified and the internet loved it!

Fireflies is a song that has been around for nearly a decade! I remember it being popular when I was a teenager. It is a pretty catchy song by a musical artist known as Owl City. Some people love it, some people hate it, but everybody knows it. Well since the initial release of the song it has been used within various edits and memes on the internet. Late last month a question many have been wondering for years was finally asked to owl city himself! Instead of giving an answer one would expect he gave a very interesting answer that may leave you with more questions than answers! One thing is certain it has helped the popularity of the memes hit a high!

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