Michael Rosen – The History And Origin Of The Youtube Poop Video Memes YTP

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Who is Michael Rosen and what are Michael Rosen YTP videos? Today we have a look at the history and origins of a popular genre of Youtube Poop Videos featuring author and poet Michael Rosen.

Michael Rosen is a British Author and poet who writes children’s books. He also is a frequent uploader of videos here on Youtube with his channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7D-mXO4kk-XWvH6lBXdrPw
he uploads readings of his work that he films in a very entertaining way, reenacting elements of his story and being energetic while doing so to appeal to his younger audience demographic. Well the internet has had other uses for his videos! Using them as a primary source of material for the Youtube Poop edits people enjoy creating and watching. The original videos are taken and re-edited in new ways creating a whole new product in the process. A product that is often hilarious! Mike was confused with the videos at first but over time has grown to accept and support the remixes.


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