What Is Get The F Outta My Room I’m Playing Minecraft? Meme Explanation And Analysis

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“Get the f outta my room im playing minecraft” was one of the toughest memes to look into the history and origin of. I couldn’t find the original video! I did what I could and explain and analyze the meme. If you have information on it’s origin please share in the comment section.

This meme has been a popular request within my comment sections lately! I knew I had to get it done to make my viewers happy. But when I began to do research on the memes history and origin but I found no information. I couldn’t even find the original clip online. In this episode of Behind The Meme I analyze the meme and explain it’s appeal and why its being used in vine and as popular memes. If you have any information or facts to help clarify the origin and history of the meme please share! We can all help each other learn about this Minecraft meme together.


Music-Kevin MacLeod@incompetech.com