What Is The Meaning Of Om Telolet Om? The History And Origin Of The Indonesian Bus Meme EXPLAINED

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What does Om Telolet Om mean translated to english? Why is it associated with EDM?How did it become a viral trend and meme? I explain the history and meaning of the viral trend people are spamming all over the internet.

Om telolet om has began to trend online and became a viral phrase in the last couple days thanks to twitter, EDM Dj’s and some persistent Indonesian kids who spammed the phrase until they got noticed. The term originates from Indonesia where it is a popular trend to get the customized bus horns to honk their horns for the enjoyment of others. The phrase found its way online in DEcember of 2016 when popular EDM musicians began to respond to the spam they received, reaching a large and diverse audience in the process. Many non indonesians were confused. While many others joined in on the trend of spamming the term only further leading to it’s popularity.

I jumped on this video as soon as I could and worked my butt off to finish it ASAP.As I type this it is 6:32 AM. I hope I was able to help clarify and explain it to those out of the loop. Thanks For watching. It’s Bed time for Mr. Memes.