What Is Thomas The Dank Engine? The Origin Of The AMAZING Thomas The Train Remix Songs

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Today we have a look at the history and origin of the classic Thomas The Dank Engine Remix Songs! Thomas the train has evolved into an interesting meme over the years But how did a children’s show make the transition to dank train?

Thomas the tank started off as a children’s television show in the 80’s and became a staple in many people’s childhoods throughout the years. As with most things, the show eventually evolved with the creation of the internet. The theme song of the show began to be used with various rap songs creating a new genre of meme in the process. Due to his association with MLG, Youtube Poop Videos and the remix songs, Thomas quickly became known as Thomas The Dank Engine and became popular across the web. Years later it has become one of the classic memes many people are familiar with, with numerous remixes and memes being created using thomas and the theme song of the show.

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Music-Kevin MacLeod@incompetech.com