When You Secretly Love Ranch Dressing

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Now you too can enjoy your beautiful, creamy ranch without being treated like a trash possum.

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Zac Oyama
Katie Marovitch
Cynthia Kao
Grant O’Brien
Shane Crown
Frankie McLafferty
VO: Sam Reich


Director – Ryan Martin
Producer – Shane Crown
Writer – Zac Oyama
Cinematography – Cooper James
President of Original Content – Sam Reich
Vice President of Production / Executive Producer – Spencer Griffin
Director of Production – Sam Sparks
Supervising Producer – Alex Edge
Production Coordinator – Francesca McLafferty
1st Assistant Camera – Sarah Greenwald
2nd Assistant Camera – Joaquim Pujol
Gaffer – Devin Wilson
Key Grip – Robert Upchurch
Production Designer – Rick Mader
Production Sound – Chris Bennett of BoTown Sound
Licensing and Programming Coordinator – Theodora Hart
Production Legal – Karen Segall
Production Accountant – Shay Parsons
Production Accountant – Chetera Bell
Production Intern – Yael Egnal
Assistant Editor: Spencer Kombol
Editor: Ryan Anthony Martin
Visual Effects: TJ Gonzalez / Ryan Anthony Martin
Graphics: Ryan Anthony Martin
Post Supervisor: Stephanie Zorn
Post Coordinator: Theodora Hart
Head Assistant Editor: Phil Fox