Who Is Epic Sax Guy? A Look At The History And Origin Of Epic Sax Memes

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Who is epic sax guy? What is ultra sax guy? Today we have a look at the history of a meme that was popular long ago and has recently become popular yet again! Epic sax guy!

Epic sax guy first became popular in 2010, when a performance by the musical group sunstroke project performing at the 2010 eurovision song contest went viral. During their performance their saxophone player, sergey stepanov, performed his solo in a pretty mesmerizing way. The internet was quick to notice! Resulting in the birth of epic sax guy! Soon he was being used in various ways! Within videos and memes of all sorts. Like all memes, with time the popularity of it faded. In 2017 the internet fell in love with epic sax guy yet again when his band performed at this years Eurovision song contest. reigniting the love the internet had for epic sax guy yet again and creating ultra sax guy in the process. Only time will tell if we get a new sax guy in the future.


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